Mass Notification System

Mass Notification System

What is a Mass Notification System?

A mass notification system delivers SMS text messages with critical information to hundreds of contacts in real-time. Mass notifications have several uses across businesses and organizations, all with the same purpose of reaching people quickly. Mass notification prioritizes ease-of-use so that you can deliver a compelling message in a short amount of time.

Emergency Notifications and Emergency Management

Getting the message out in immediately to your audience is crucial in emergency situations. Having emergency communications deliver to mobile devices can be impactful and powerful for everyone. Informing your audience via a text push notification brings awareness to any emergency response situation. Some examples of emergency mass notifications include an active shooter alert, fire alarm, critical events, severe weather, and public alerts.

Business Continuity via Mass Notification Solutions

Businesses and organizations benefit from a mass notification system in various ways. Some companies benefit by alerting their audience about future events, promotional offers, exclusive deals, new products, and more. Having a mass notification system for a small business makes your operation seem bigger to your audience!

Why use Mass Communication?

The primary reason to use mass communications pertains to the ease-of-use and reach of the platform. SlyText offers a powerful communication channel for you and your team get the right message out quickly. SlyText offers SMS marketing communication to people in the United States and Canada at this time.

Why Use slyText for Mass Notifications?

Mass communication is quick and easy to use for any situation to get the word out to people. SlyText offers powerful online texting software to help you utilize text marketing to its fullest capacity. By enabling two-way communications from the web to any smartphone device, multimedia messaging is the next best way to deliver high-quality messages to your audiences.

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