SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing pertains to reaching your target customers or audience through text messaging. With over 2.7 billion smartphones around the world, mobile marketing has never been more essential to reach your audience than today. SMS (short message service) marketing works by sending a message to the recipient's phone number where they can opt-in or opt-out of future messages.

How Can SMS Marketing Help Grow my Business?

Text marketing strategies can help your marketing channels perform stronger with a soft-touch approach. SMS marketing campaigns are quick, effective, have high open rates, stable response rates, and easily measurable for any marketing services strategy. SMS campaigns can generate buzz of a product release, provide regular updates, give special offers, exclusive offers, time-sensitive VIP access, or something else entirely. Digital marketing teams can benefit from mass texting and use SMS texting as a drip campaign. After the receipt clicks on the text message, they can arrive at a time-sensitive landing page to sign up for an exclusive offer. Having a text message marketing campaign can be a game-changer via your marketing toolset.

Who Can Benefit from SMS Marketing Services?

Both you as the sender and your audience can benefit from bulk SMS marketing software. As the sender, you can reach hundreds of mobile phones using SMS software as the primary form of communication for your audience. Sending bulk text messages to your contact list's mobile devices can deliver the message quick where phone calls have their limitations. Another benefit is that you can automate your messages via an API to reach mobile numbers efficiently and sufficient each time.

As a recipient of mass messaging, you can benefit in numerous ways. SMS and MMS can reach your cell phone to send appointment reminders, emergency alerts, customer support, and more in real-time. Another benefit is that SMS messages can easily op in on places like a website or social media.

Why Use slyText as Your SMS Text Messaging Service Provider?

SlyText offers effective online text campaigns to its fullest capacity. By enabling two-way communications from the web to any SMS platform, text campaigns are the next best way to deliver high-quality messages to group texts each time. See how it works and how to provide a powerful message to your target audience today!