SMS Marketing for Nonprofits
Nonprofits can harness the power of SMS marketing to amplify their impact, forge stronger connections with supporters, and boost fundraising efforts. This dynamic tool offers a direct and immediate channel to engage donors, volunteers, and advocates, providing a cost-effective and efficient means to further the mission of charitable organizations.
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Sending SMS Messages
Important updates, event reminders, and calls to action can be delivered instantly to supporters' mobile devices, ensuring that time-sensitive information reaches them promptly. This capability is precious during high-stress fundraising campaigns, allowing organizations to create a sense of urgency and drive immediate responses.
Delivery to all mobile devices
Unbeatable open rates
Message text in any language
High sending speed

Uses of slyText

Engaging with a diverse audience is a common challenge for nonprofits, but SMS marketing provides a solution. By meeting supporters where they are—on their mobile phones—nonprofits can reach a broad demographic, including younger generations who are more likely to respond positively to text messages. This approach increases outreach effectiveness and strengthens the connection with a more tech-savvy and mobile-centric donor base.
SMS marketing also plays a pivotal role in enhancing donor relations and retention. Personalized messages expressing gratitude, updates on how their contributions make a difference, and exclusive insights into the organization's impact foster a sense of involvement and appreciation. By maintaining regular communication through SMS, nonprofits can build lasting relationships beyond transactional interactions.
Use the capabilities of the platform: increase the conversion of bulk SMS and user engagement.
Import contacts easily
Smart reply with keywords
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Solutions for Churches

Fundraising is the lifeblood of many nonprofits, and SMS marketing provides a direct and efficient avenue for donation appeals. Whether launching a new campaign or seeking emergency funds, sending targeted messages with donation links directly to supporters' phones streamlines the giving process, making it more convenient and increasing the likelihood of prompt contributions.
Furthermore, nonprofits can utilize SMS marketing for event promotion, volunteer recruitment, and advocacy efforts. By sending concise and impactful messages, organizations can mobilize their supporters swiftly and effectively, creating a community of active and engaged advocates.
Multimedia Messaging
Send MMS & SMS marketing messages, videos, pictures, and audio files
Zapier and Integrately integrations for campaign automation using external triggers
#Custom Fields
Personalize your SMS text messages and insert customer specific information for each text
Campaign Success
Track results in real-time from your dashboard and get reports on your text marketing campaigns
Text Messaging Works
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