Frequently Asked Questions
What is slyText and how does it work?
SlyText is a "web text" messaging service that allows its users to send messages from the web to any mobile phone in the U.S. or Canada, and back! SlyText allows you to send a text to a group of telephone numbers via our web interface. The recipient’s will receive your message on the date and time of your choice, from the telephone number you choose when signing up for an account. In the interface, you will have access to all conversations, replies and messaging history.
Who should use slyText?
SlyText was created to make text messaging easier to use, more convenient and more accessible. Think of slyText as your online command center for text messaging slyText has been well received by all types of people – from young professionals stuck behind a PC all day - to college students working in the library all night - to parents who want to reach their kids after school. If you get frustrated with sending text messages from your cell phone’s tiny keypad while you’re at work or in class – you’re not alone! Try it today and you’ll be sending and receiving text messages in no time.
What are my purchase options?
We offer both a Monthly Messaging plan and a Pay as You Go Messaging plan and you are never charged for any undeliverable text messages. Monthly Messaging plan messages expire 30 days after the initial date of purchase and do not roll over towards the next month. Monthly plans are automatically renewed and charged to the credit card on file every 30 days until notification of cancellation.
Do my messages ever expire?
All Pay as You Go plan messages do not expire. Monthly Messaging plan messages are valid for 30 calendar days after your initial date of purchase and do not roll over towards the next month.
How many messages can I send out with slyText?
Carriers impose certain restrictions on the number of text messages that can be sent per hour and per day. Contact us for more information.
Can I send a slyText message from my own phone number?
Yes. We can text enable your own landline or VoIP number or you can choose a slyText number from within your preferred area code. Your messages will be sent from this number and recipients are able to reply to it directly. To text enable your own landline or VoIP number, contact us at support@slytext.com.
Will I receive notifications of unread messages?
Within your slyText account, you can choose to enable browser notifications and/or SMS forwarding. To receive browser notifications, your slyText account page must remain open.

By enabling SMS forwarding, you will receive all incoming messages to the registered phone number we have on file. To reply to the message, you must log in to your slyText.com account. Carrier rates apply.
Does slyText work with international numbers?
SlyText web texts can only be sent to U.S. and Canadian mobile phone numbers. However, we are working hard to expand this to as many countries as we can.
How does slyText differ from other web-based SMS services?
As far as we know, slyText is the only web-based service that allows two-way web texting – from the web to the phone and back. With other services, replies will go to the sender's phone or email address – not ideal for real-time planning or collaboration. SlyText also offers unique features like Group Messaging, Scheduled Messaging, Reminders, and SMS Forwarding.
Does slyText work with all mobile providers?
Yes. SlyText works to all major U.S. and Canadian wireless providers. Please let us know if you have trouble receiving messages with your wireless provider.
What charges, if any, will my carrier charge me for using slyText?
You will not incur any charges from your wireless carrier for sending out or receiving text messages using slyText. However, if you turn SMS forwarding on, (so that you receive responses on your mobile phone in addition to the slyText website), your carrier will charge you what they normally do when you receive a text message on your mobile phone.
Will the person receiving my text messages be charged?
Yes, the person you send a text message to will be charged by their carrier as they normally would for receiving a text message. For carriers, a slyText text message is no different than receiving a text message directly from your mobile phone. So, depending on what type of text messaging plan they have, they will be charged accordingly.
How do I send a message with slyText?
1. Create an account by choosing a username and password and entering your mobile phone number.
2. Once you're logged in, type a message into the message window.
3. Enter the mobile number of the person receiving your message.
4. Choose to send the message immediately or specify a later date and time
5. Click Send. Messages that are scheduled for a later date will appear in the Scheduled Messages tab.
Can I upload a list of numbers to receive the same text message?
Yes. Your phone number list must be saved as a Comma Delimited (.CSV) file with the contact's name in the first column and the phone number in the second column. After logging into your account, visit the Bulk Group Import section to name and upload your list. By creating a Group, all contacts in that group will receive the same text message. Visit our YouTube channel for more instructions here.
How do I cancel my account?
To cancel your slyText account, please email us at support@slytext.com.
How can I get in touch with someone at slyText?
We’d love to hear from you! The slyText Customer Care team can be reached at support@slytext.com or by calling (617) 399-9980.