When Should Businesses Use Text?
A mass notification system is a powerful communication tool for businesses looking to stand out while offering convenience. Texting is this generation's preferred communication method, so text messages could revitalize your engagement and build growth... if you do it correctly.
Obstacles to SMS Marketing
Text messages can be a compliance nightmare. Regulations governing mobile usage require you to offer texts only to customers who opt in and retain the right to opt back out. Text streams must be recorded and secure from tampering.

Users who opt in are offering personal data that businesses must now keep secure. Without a secure data strategy and governance, your user data is at risk.

Business texting can quickly become a burden on your customers. If they find their inbox flooded with updates and a million run of the mill sales notifications, they'll opt out, putting your business communications at risk.
Using Business Text Messaging Correctly
Mobile messaging should be personalized and high value. If your brand never goes on sale (Hello, Apple), then a 10% off message will hit just right. If you frequently have sales, 10% off should be an email.

Offering exclusive deals and incentives that apply only to mobile device users helps keep your customers excited when they see the notification. Use text marketing to:

• alert customers to special sales
• notify that limited stock or special edition inventory is available
• send appointment reminders
• follow up about reviews, abandoned carts, or onboarding
• build momentum for special events
Providing High Value Content
Polling shows that many customers prefer to converse with businesses through text. Response rates are higher, and marketing campaigns enjoy higher conversion rates. Texters are more engaged, and businesses that provide this service as part of marketing campaigns enjoy those benefits right to the bottom line.

Businesses looking to stand out and build relationships with customers can leverage well-timed text messages to provide engagement and offer a new communication channel.
Challenges to Text Messaging
If your company isn't able to create a reliable governance strategy for who has access to the messaging app and your customers' data, it's a considerable risk. Plus, conversations aren't actionable, making it difficult to keep track of important messages in the chronological stream.

You'll also need to find a practical way to measure the performance of texts. If your messages are locked in a service that doesn't allow reporting, you might lose valuable insights.
Is your Business Ready to Text?
SMS marketing will depend a great deal on consumer preferences. Do your research to find out if your target customers want to have the texting option. If so, it could be time to expand your customer support and marketing.

Your business is ready for online texting and mobile marketing if you follow a few of these clear indicators.

• You offer a service
• Your market research requires it
• Your customers ignore you
• You're tired of gimmicks
• You're growing
Transitioning to Text Messaging
Text messaging can build momentum and nurture the relationships you have with existing customers. The information you provide can help bring customers back in if they haven't interacted with you in a while.

Consumer preferences have changed so much. Businesses that understand those changes will require text message marketing. You can build an engaged audience and offer valuable connections to your business with convenient communication.

Stop ignoring the signs and be one of the businesses at the forefront of text message marketing. Once you're ready, it could be just the jumpstart you need in engagement.