POSTED February 16, 2022
What is the Best Way to Send a Mass Text?
Let‘s face it: no one wants to feel like they‘re the recipient of a mass text. But from the perspective of a business, mass text messaging is one of the critical leverage points that make modern marketing possible. With mass text, you can take advantage of bulk SMS strategies and drive high open rates, ensuring that your target market reads the messaging you want.

So what‘s the problem? It would help connect with customers in a way that feels organic. Given that people send billions of texts every year, you need to stand out from the noise.

It starts with getting their phone number in a legitimate way that offers them value in exchange for their data. Then, your SMS marketing messaging needs to appeal to their interests. If you‘ve done the appropriate research and make sure your bulk SMS strategies are tailor-fit to their needs, you‘ll boost your chances that they‘ll not only open your texts but click your links. Here‘s everything you need to know about sending mass texts:
Create Value for Your Customers
Once you have customers on your mass text messaging service, the next step is to create value every time you send a mass SMS text to their mobile devices. You don‘t want to send them a text, have it buzz their phone, only for them to be disappointed that it‘s another text from you. You need to create value continually, so they love getting your business text messages.

How do you do that? There are a few ways to create value for customers on your texting platform:

• Segmentation
With slyText, for example, you can segment customers into specific groups based on interests. This creates a level of personalization that ensures you aren‘t sending unnecessary texts that promote opt-out rates. Customer engagement starts with knowing what they want and giving it to them. With slyText, you can use segmentation to do precisely that—ensuring no one‘s receiving texts they don‘t want.

• Multimedia messaging
A texting app is a fine thing, but it can be even more engaging if it can incorporate all sorts of multimedia. slyText lets you send videos, pictures, and audio files to people on multiple service providers, including iPhone or Android phones. Any responses go back into your online account, not your cell number, which means it acts like a CRM, a customer relationship management system. Create valuable and entertaining multimedia messages to keep your customers engaged.

Text message marketing starts with a solid grasp of your audience and what they want to receive from your bulk SMS service. Like easy customer opt-out, other small options make it as simple as replying "STOP," so customers know that they can quit or sign up again anytime. It‘s a low-pressure approach to sending mass texts that will reflect well on your brand.
Managing Text Messages like a Master
Appointment reminders, customer support, mass messages, toll-free numbers, WhatsApp compatibility it sounds like a lot for one kind of service. But if you choose the right type of bulk SMS platform, those are precisely the sorts of options you can start taking advantage of.

With appointment reminders, you can automatically send out texts for specific people in your business, ensuring that you get fewer no-shows. This fits seamlessly into your workflows, helping you achieve business growth at scale. It can help you build new workflows and better workflows. We even offer messaging templates, so you don‘t have to reinvent the wheel when you get started you can plug and go.

With your customers‘ mobile numbers in your metaphorical pocket, you can send off mass texts that appeal to specific segments, offer them value, and draw them into your business. And you can do much of it automatically, without barely spending any more time in your day on text message marketing than you are now. You don‘t have to track phone numbers in Excel or engage an entirely new marketing platform to make it work. You can use a service like slyText and let us take care of the rest.

Want to text large groups without turning them away? Want to make your work easier to manage while your marketing grows the business? It starts with the right platform. Sign up to slyText to see what it‘s all about and how you can draw in customers with your next mass text.