What is SMS Marketing?

POSTED June 7, 2022
What is SMS Marketing

SMS marketing pertains to reaching your target customers or audience through text messaging. With over 6 billion smartphones worldwide, mobile marketing has never been more essential to reach your audience than today. SMS (short message service) marketing works by sending a message to the recipient's phone number where they can opt-in or opt-out of future messages.

How Can SMS Marketing Help Grow my Business?

Who Can Benefit From SMS Marketing Services
Text marketing strategies can help your marketing channels perform stronger with a soft-touch approach. SMS marketing campaigns are quick, effective, have high open rates, stable response rates, and are easily measurable for any marketing services strategy. SMS campaigns can generate a buzz about a product release, provide regular updates, special offers, exclusive offers, time-sensitive VIP access, or entirely.
Digital marketing teams can benefit from mass texting and use SMS texting as a drip campaign. After the receipt clicks on the text message, they can arrive at a time-sensitive landing page to sign up for an exclusive offer. A text message marketing campaign can be a game-changer via your marketing toolset.

Who Can Benefit from SMS Marketing Services?

Why Use slyText as Your SMS Text Messaging Service Provider?
As the sender and your audience, both you can benefit from bulk SMS marketing software. As the sender, you can reach hundreds of mobile phones using SMS software for your audience. Sending bulk text messages to your contact list's mobile devices can deliver the message quickly, whereas phone calls have limitations. Another benefit is that you can automate your messages via an API to reach mobile numbers efficiently and sufficiently each time.
As a recipient of mass messaging, you can benefit in numerous ways. SMS and MMS can reach your cell phone to send appointment reminders, emergency alerts, customer support, and more in real-time. Another benefit is that SMS messages can easily op in on places like a website or social media.

Why Use slyText as Your SMS Text Messaging Service Provider?

What Kinds of Features Does slyText Offer Me?
SlyText offers effective online texting service campaigns to their fullest capacity. By enabling two-way communications from the web to any SMS platform, text campaigns are the next best way to deliver high-quality messages to group texts each time. See how it works and how to provide a powerful message to your target audience today!

How is SMS Marketing Different Than Email Marketing?

What Kinds of Features Does slyText Offer Me?
Email marketing is great; don't get us wrong. Slytext's offerings, however, don't go to email inboxes. They go directly to the mobile phones of people who have signed up for your list. This can create a more personal, engaging relationship with your customer than marketing efforts that send emails alone.
SMS marketing can be helpful for a small business because it promotes the idea that your services are more bespoke and personal than big-box chains and conglomerates. But even for those big companies, an SMS marketing strategy can help automate reaching out to customers on their phones, which makes it seem like you're being more personal and customized than the actual time required to run the marketing campaign.

Who Can Benefit from SMS Marketing Services?

As an automated text service—meaning you can choose when and who receives your texts based on specific predefined criteria—slyText essentially makes your texting run like an app. Not just a texting app, but a more sophisticated application with all sorts of bells and whistles.
For instance, a user who signs up for your texts can also unsubscribe automatically. You don't have to do anything. You might also realize the benefits of SMS marketing when you incorporate an SMS campaign signup into your purchasing process, thereby letting slyText send messages to people when they have an abandoned cart.
But what other kinds of features are there, and how can you use them? Let's look at a few:
Sending from a number you enabled. Don't worry about customers sending direct messages to your cell phone when they sign up. You can "text enable" any number you're able to when using slyText, such as importing your VoIP number.
asy customer opt-outs.E Some clear rules and regulations have determined people should be able to opt-out of text message lists. You can automate this process with a simple "STOP" code, letting people unsubscribe when they don't want to hear from you. The benefit to you? Every time you send a text, you know you're dealing with a highly engaged, responsive list of potential customers.
Call forwarding. When someone wants to dial up the number they see and talk to someone at your business, they don't necessarily have to go straight to you. You can use call forwarding to direct them to the customer support hotline or assistant of your choice.

What are the Benefits of Using Texting Instead of Other Media?

managing text messages like a master
Text messaging open rates can be as high as 98%, which provides a distinct advantage. Simply put, cell phones are where people live these days. Rather than drop an email into someone's inbox, a text notification can grab people where they're spending the most attention. Additionally, the technology involved with texting is feature-rich. In other words, because of services like slyText, you can schedule exactly when you want your messages to send, automate unsubscribing, and attune your text messaging list to only the most responsive and engaged customers.

How do I Make Text Messages Stand Out?

SlyText enables photos, video, and audio for more advanced campaigns. This means you can distinguish your marketing text messages from promotional opportunities. This is especially useful in highlighting products, promoting social media viral videos, or simply creating new customer engagement. You can also use these exclusive offerings to add to the "VIP" nature of an SMS messaging list, thus enticing more people to sign up and engage with your brand via text messaging.
Put it all together, and you'll have a recipe for success: the ability to reach out to customers while they're doing something many customers love to do. They're using their phones.