POSTED December 21, 2021
Text Messaging for Event Management
Event management can feel like herding cats. Managing everything from talking to organizers to dealing with social media or a client who just got your phone number can become a hassle. Fortunately, there are ways to consolidate your information, organize your event management, and build a more consistent communications system: text messaging.

Most of us associate text messaging with something you‘ll do with friends instead of a phone call. But let‘s not forget how important this technology is. Done right, SMS messaging can completely overhaul how you run your business. And when you need to "herd cats," as you often do in event management, it can be a real life-saver. Here‘s why.
Getting the Word Out with High Open Rates for Last-Minute Events
One of the most effective uses of SMS messaging is event marketing. This is especially true when you only have a certain amount of time before the event in question. Every event management specialist knows how difficult it can be to hear a client ask for miracles as if there were a magical button you could push to make people show up to an event.

But if you have a good bulk SMS list with a service that can handle bulk texting, it can feel like you have a magical button. The most important thing is to understand what drives ticket sales and how you can create such a list in the first place.

Any event manager knows that contact lists are vital. But what about the little details involved with last-minute events? What about a follow-up with people who haven‘t responded? Event planners know what it‘s like to be up against "crunch time" as an event approaches. Having little details in place such as SMS messaging templates can help pull last-minute events together.

Generating Excitement for an Event, Well in Advance

If you‘re doing your duty as an event planner, you‘re not waiting for last-minute issues to derail everything. Chances are, you‘ll use online texting and other tools for confirmations, text marketing, and event promotion to ensure that there‘s excitement for the event well in advance of the event itself. SMS marketing is an ideal tool for this.

For starters, bulk SMS messages make it easy to run promotions, such as raffles, prizes, and other contests that help drum up excitement for an event. But what if you‘re promoting an event like a wedding? In that case, bulk SMS messaging can help with RSVPs and follow-ups, ensuring that you know every guest who will and won‘t be there. Event attendance can be one of the most important aspects of running a successful gathering. That starts with good promotion from the outset and text messages are a great way to begin.
Automatic Event Reminders
Even if you do the advanced work of promoting an event well before it happens, you‘re going to need a service that can maintain that kind of interest before the event takes place. The problem? You shouldn‘t have to do it manually. An event management company has enough on its plate without sending out reminders especially in the digital age when it‘s so easy to automate these simple tasks.

This is especially important in the age of COVID-19, when there may be requirements for the event that attendees need to know in advance. For example, suppose you need to remind attendees to mask up before an event and any other COVID-19 issues that may determine how the event itself goes. In that case, an automated reminder can help people stay informed.

But that‘s not all automatic event reminders can do. They can also keep people apprised of an event schedule, mainly if there is more than one venue for the event, as is common in weddings. For events like conferences, automatic event reminders help people keep travel plans in mind and requirements for identification badges if you have any.
Making the Most of the Mobile Phone
If any single invention over the last half-century has changed event management, it‘s the mobile phone. Not only does it make it easy for you to coordinate your affairs, but since everyone else is also using one, you can leverage this fact to make mass communication easier than ever.

The question is, how do you make the most of mobile phones? The sections above are good starting points. But an SMS marketing campaign should also keep in mind that when people receive a text message, they don‘t want a lot of homework. They want things simple. One-click of a link, for example, should be enough to find out the information they need about your event.

You should also consider the impact of SMS templates. Having a template available at a moment‘s notice can completely overhaul the way you interact with your phone. After all, event planning is a hybrid between mass marketing and smaller, intimate settings. You want everyone to feel like they had a good experience, but you also need to address everyone.

There aren‘t many jobs like that. Using your mobile phone to create templates that reach out to more people will give you an edge. It saves you time, providing more freedom to offer the personal touch that an event may need.
How to Use Text Messaging for Event Management
Ultimately, it comes down to using the right tools to support what you want to do as an event planner. Try to set aside any concerns about "spamming" people and realize why people prefer text messages in the first place. They enjoy the conveniences that come with interacting on smartphones. And with your event management business, you may notice that the more you interact with people on their level, the more likely you are to succeed. That means success in follow-ups, RSVPs, and promotions. Ultimately, it doesn‘t just make your life easier. It makes your events better.