Text Marketing for Realtors

Text Messaging for Realtors

A realtor’s life is always on the go, which means you can’t be there to respond to every single thing, manage every single campaign, or handle marketing while you’re also handling an open house.
The world of real estate agents, after all, is a personal world. You have direct relationships with your clients. That’s why using a text message as a marketing tool can be such a powerful way for you to manage your real estate business. Rather than relying on marketing campaigns with a questionable open rates, text message marketing allows you to create a “personal” feel with your clients while you send out bulk messages.
Here are some of the reasons—and the ways—real estate agents can maximize their results from text marketing.

How Text Marketing for Realtors Works

You can start text messaging clients once they willingly give you their phone number for your text marketing campaign. How do you do this? You might create an incentive, such as offering exclusive looks at properties to people who sign up to your text messaging campaigns. Once you create this incentive, you allow people to opt in to your text group.
From there, you utilize effective text messaging. What makes an effective text message in the world of realtors? Here are a few ideas:
New Listing Information. If someone signed up to see information on a new listing, then you can use text marketing to help get that message across. You can turn text message recipients into potential buyers simply by giving them the information they signed up for.
Create a Conversation. Realtors know that this is a highly personal business, and clients will expect to have phone calls with you. Text messaging makes this more natural. Simply give out your phone number for anyone who wants to consider your services. If they’re already reading your text messages on their phone, the leap to becoming a genuine lead is a short one.
Building a connection. Real estate SMS is about more than simply bulk sending text messages and hoping for new leads to pop up. Real estate text message marketing allows you to build a genuine connection with your clients. You are, after all, ending up in their phone. They can text with you, just as they’d text with a friend. This helps you build authentic connections that helps drive up client satisfaction and increase referrals.
Convenience. When you have interested leads on your SMS campaign list, the literal action of marketing becomes easier. You dial up a quick text message full of useful information, send it out to your list, and voila! You’ve done the work. Now you can sit back and enjoy the cost-effective convenience of text messaging as it does its magic.
Your prospective buyers also benefit from signing up for text messaging. After all, they’re on the hunt for that great house deal. They want to know about key property information as soon as it’s available. With SMS marketing in your corner, you’re ready to deliver.

The Advantages of Text Marketing—Especially for Realtors

Text marketing is great as a marketing strategy. But why is it so specifically effective? Here are some of the advantages that are particularly important for realtors:
A high response rate. Response rate is everything in marketing. Without it, you’re simply spinning your wheels. Consider that text messages have some of the highest open rates of any marketing method—some 98%. This drives new interest in your agency and makes you even more adept at lead generation.
Meeting homebuyers where they are—on their mobile phones. Since people use their mobile phones all the time, your SMS marketing campaigns will have an instant impact. Once you send out a text blast, you can be sure that it’s driving immediate engagement. This helps you obtain more interested leads rather than simply sending out mass emails or direct mails and hoping for the best.
Making it easier to send out property information. Admit it: part of the challenge of being a realtor is that there’s so much information to send out to so many. At times, you may even feel like a conduit for this information! But texting out property information in masse simplifies this process. Your property info text blasts can also drive more engagement.
Your real estate clients deserve a speedy, personal connection with you. And they can’t always get that by leaving you voicemails. SMS marketing allows for a unique arrangement in which you’re immediate and accessible. And by sending out texts, you actually make real estate marketing more convenient for yourself. You can create text blasts that can be sent in an instant.
By engaging more people this way, you forge a more genuine connection with them. They’ll come to see you as more than a source of information. You’ll be the realtor in their texting inbox.
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