POSTED December 10, 2020
SMS Text Blast
In just an instant, your life can change. So why can‘t the same be true for your business?

In the form of an SMS text blast, it can. The idea behind the SMS text blast is simple. You take a text message using the phone number list or contact list you‘ve received from people who have chosen to opt-in to receive your mass text messages and optimize it for mass appeal. You then send it out as an SMS text.

Then, you watch the orders roll in.

That‘s the idea but it doesn‘t mean that all mass text strategies are built the same. Your text messaging as a marketing tool needs to be targeted and properly set up if it‘s going to have the impact you desire. Here‘s how and why you should consider sending an SMS text blast for your next promotion.
Why the SMS Text Blast is the Way to Go
It‘s true. Not everyone has a smart phone or a cellular phone these days. But most of us do. And chances are, most of your customers do.

Statistics bear this out. And not only do customers enjoy their smartphones, but they enjoy using them. 75% of consumers say they‘re happy to receive SMS messages from brands, after their initial opt-in.

What does this mean for you? Consider the following:

• When text messaging, 90% of SMS messages will be read within three minutes. These are astonishing open rates, and eclipse even those of many email marketing campaigns. SMS marketing is a critical tool in your tool box for this reason alone.

• Text messages get a higher response rate. Not only do people read texts, but they engage with them, with a 209% higher response rate than traditional phone, email, and even Facebook messages. Your SMS blast won‘t only get read by more people, but it will engage more people.

Simply put, a text message blast is like a shot in the arm for your latest promotion. You send your text message out to your list of subscribers, watch the open rates pile up, and voila you have an effective marketing tool.

But does that mean this is all to know? No. There are ways you can optimize your SMS text blasts for maximum efficiency.
How to Use a Text Blast Service to Change the Way You Advertise
When you engage customers on their mobile devices, you‘re doing more than reaching out to them via cell phone. You‘re engaging them where they want to be engaged. You‘re fitting yourself more neatly into their lives. They don‘t have to use an API to access your message. They don‘t have to download a widget. They can simply find you in their inbox, read what you have to say, and if they want to unsubscribe, they can.

It‘s ultimately one of the lowest-pressure ways to advertise to a group of people en masse.

Mass texting like this might seem like cheating, but it‘s not. Remember: when you use a good text messaging service, your mobile marketing efforts are only going out to those who want to receive your texts. They‘ve opted in. And at any point they want to, they can unsubscribe. It‘s that simple. You‘re not invading anyone‘s life with anything they didn‘t sign up for.

And that means that every time that you reach out with your marketing campaigns, you‘re talking exclusively to people who want to hear from you. Who signed up to hear from you.

With that in mind, let‘s establish some best practices for sending out your first SMS text blast:

•Keep it short and sweet
You‘re reaching people on a mobile app, after all. Their attention is going to be short. Explain a key benefit and give them a next step, such as a link to click. That‘s all you need to do.

•Promote new products they care about
Let‘s say you‘re sending out an SMS text blast to someone who wants to hear about new offers. This is the best way to introduce new products create an exclusive text messaging list that lets your potential customers hear about new offerings first. This will create a sense of excitement about what you have to text them.

•Create special offers for text messages only
This encourages people to opt in. You can then use text blast software to easily send out these promotions and offers to your text messaging contacts list.

•Work from templates if you need help
Templates are great for when you‘re not sure what to text, and you don‘t want to reinvent the wheel. Plus, we slyText allows you to insert customized fields, so your message is unique for each recipient. For example, if you‘re promoting real estate, there‘s no reason you can‘t use real estate templates that have worked for other agencies before.
Effective marketing is all about scaling. How well can you scale your message to a larger group? When you get people to opt in to your online texting service, you create a scalable way to treat people with more personalization than ever before. All you have to do is use the right software and let it do the rest. With that, you‘ll have exactly what you need to create an effective SMS text blast.