POSTED December 5, 2022
Online Texting and Customer Relationship Management
It is no secret that many people prefer texting to phone calls, which is no different for businesses. If you are looking for a way to communicate with your clients at once in a way that is sure to get their attention, you may be interested in online text messaging. With this service, you can save time and money, all while ensuring that your customer engagement is at its peak.

But what exactly is online SMS marketing, and who is it for? What features and benefits does online text message marketing, such as slyText, offer? And is slyText easily integrated with your other existing CRM programs?

Let's look at everything you need to know about online texting and how it affects your customer relationship management (CRM).
What Is Online Texting?
Online texting services, such as the one offered by slyText, are web-based service that enables two-way communication channels from the web to any smartphone you would like. Additionally, your clients can answer short survey questions or answer back through the same automated service. Not only will you be able to communicate with many of your clients at once, but you will also be able to save time and money!

Anyone can use slyText, but it is beneficial for small businesses looking for an easy way to conduct new marketing campaigns directed at their clients. You can use slyText to send out mass text messages about special promotions that may be upcoming, or you can use the text-to-vote option to gain helpful insight into the minds of your clients.

One of the best parts of slyText is that you can send out these bulk messages from any phone number you want. That means that your clients will still be able to tell it is you texting them if you already have an established phone number for your business. There is also the option of gaining a free number from slyText, so you can send your SMS campaigns to any mobile phone you want.
What Are Some Benefits of Online Texting?
When it comes to your small business and your customer relationship management, there are many benefits that you may experience with online texting. Not only will you save time and money on your marketing campaigns, but it will also help improve your customer engagement. People are much more likely to respond to a quick text message than to return a phone call or an email.

SlyText also offers affordable pricing that will make it evident that it is an intelligent choice for your business. Text messages are very versatile in who you can reach and when you can reach them. For instance, almost everyone has a smartphone in today's time, and with text messages, you will not have to worry about disrupting your customers' dinner time. Create your message, send it, and wait for the customer to read it on time.
What Are Some Features Offered by slyText?
No matter what kind of SMS messages you are looking to send to your subscribers, slyText has you covered. With slyText, you can conduct business texting, such as deals and promotions. You will also be able to send multimedia messages such as videos and pictures for extra flair, sure to stand out to your customers.

When you send a slyText to any phone number you want, your clients can quickly opt out of future messages. You will also have the option of forwarding any phone calls made to your slyText number to the number of your choice. There is also the option of two-way texting between your slyText number and individual clients. This means that you will have an easy way to ensure that you always hear your customers.

The slyText dashboard and mobile app also provide a place to track the success of your marketing efforts, giving you real-time reports that will let you know precisely what you need to change for the next batch of bulk texts. Additionally, with the dashboard, you can schedule reminders to help increase your overall business functionality.
Can You Integrate slyText with Workflow Automation Programs?
The great news is Yes! SlyText seamlessly and easily integrates with workflow automation programs such as Zapier and Integrately. These customer relationship management technologies assist you with the management of the relationships you have with your customers by gathering data from your customers. This data will allow you to learn more about your target audience and will give you clues about how best to cater to their needs. This way, you can keep the customers you already have and gain even more customers.

Being able to integrate your slyText account with Zapier and Integrately quickly means that you will be able to connect with thousands of the most popular apps. The idea is to help you automate your workflows and get back to what matters the most: running your business and worrying about profits rather than follow-ups.
Conclusion: Online Texting and CRM
In conclusion, online texting with slyText is sure to offer your business many benefits, including reaching many of your clients at once, all while providing them with a great customer experience. Not only will they be able to easily opt-in or opt-out, but they will also have the freedom to check their text notification on their own time.

The slyText dashboard is where you will be able to monitor the effects of your new marketing campaigns. The real-time reports will give you essential insights to fully understand your campaigns' success. You will also be able to set reminders even better to organize your business.

Best of all, slyText easily integrates with CRM programs that you may already be using. By using these two programs together, you will gain even further helpful insights, helping you acquire new customers, all while keeping the ones you already have completely satisfied.
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