POSTED December 15, 2020
Mass Text Messaging
One click, and your SMS goes out to the world. It‘s an amazing thought. But is mass text messaging really what customers want? And if so, how do you send out effective mass text messages that get conversions and results?

Let‘s start with one word: yes. Customers do want to receive mass text messages. In the UK, for example, 37.2 million mobile users have opted in to receive messages via text from businesses. And that‘s as far back as 2017, with numbers only trending upward. And 75% of consumers prefer to get their offers via text.

Think of text inboxes as the new email inboxes. And it‘s reshaping the way people see mass text messages.

But between issues like short code, SMS marketing, and phrases like "service provider" and "open rate" and "API," it can start to get a little confusing. So let‘s look through the specific reasons why mass text messaging is so effective and how you can start to use it to its full potential for your business.
Why Bulk SMS is Such an Effective Way to Market These Days
There are two core reasons that bulk SMS is so effective nowadays. We hinted at the first reason above: simply put, people these days love to get offers from businesses on their mobile devices. This is why we see such a high open rate for text message marketing.

But let‘s explore that further. Why would a bulk SMS service offer so much to companies who are looking to market via SMS?

• People see bulk text messages as inherently more personal
In fact, 78% of consumers believe that companies who send personalized messages—even if they‘re in bulk—are interested in building long-term customer relationships. And which customer wouldn‘t want to believe that about their favorite company

• SMS marketing is more effective when it greets customers on their terms
Customers these days are paying less attention to mass media, and more attention to personalized media done en masse. And yes, there‘s a difference. Mass text messaging makes it possible to engage customers where they‘re spending much of their day checking their mobile devices.
The Specific Advantages of Using a Mass Texting Service
Given those benefits, let‘s explore what a mass texting service can do to help you build your business. It‘s not just about offering customers a more personalized experience. It‘s about being targeted in the way you approach them.

Marketing campaigns these days are more powerful than they used to be. You don‘t have to dial a phone number and begin cold calling. You can use SMS messages to automate much of the processes, sending your marketing message out to a contact list to which people have already opted in. When you then send out an SMS message, you‘re sending it out to subscribers not just people who may have no interest in what you‘re sending.

But let‘s look at some more specific advantages to sending messages directly to a customer‘s cell phone:

• Convenience
Let‘s say a customer wants to receive appointment reminders via text. This service is more convenient for them, which means that they appreciate your bulk texting as an ideal communication channel for their needs. It‘s also convenient on your end because it‘s easier to automate your bulk texting process.

• A more fluid communication channel
When you market via bulk texting, you utilize a cost-effective communication channel that‘s capable of so much. It can send people to an immediate purchase from where they can use a credit card. It can adapt itself to iOS. You can encourage them to download a mobile app. And you can make it all easily accessible via a clickable link.

• Engaging customers at a key moment
Why do candy bars sell so well at the cash register? Because the potential customers of candy bars already have their wallet out. It‘s not hard to add a small purchase to their order. When you send out an SMS text to large groups, you‘re doing the same thing: engaging people where they‘re most likely to take action. When they‘re checking their phone.

• Real-time updates
We haven‘t even mentioned the advantages of bulk texting analytics. You can use bulk texting to hit your target audience, boost your social media campaigns, and reach potential customers according to your own specifications. And you can watch it all unfold in real-time.

These days, mass media still has power. But people are learning just how important it is to engage your target audience at an inflection point: when they‘re at their phone. Your SMS marketing campaigns can be effective if you simply know how to launch one of your own.

That‘s where an online texting service like slyText comes in, allowing you to easily manage your mobile phone text campaigns with ease and a high degree of personalization.