Is Online Texting Right For Your Business?

Is Online Texting Right For Your Business?

One of the most significant factors affecting an organization's bottom line is customer retention. Customer service is an area where businesses and organizations can stand out in a sea of eCommerce and online organizations.
One option for businesses looking to improve communications and retain customers? -- text messaging. Not many companies have adopted this unique aspect of business communications, but there are three very good reasons to explore business text messaging.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service is a common point of contention between consumers and businesses. Many customers, especially younger generations, prefer chat and text functions over phone customer service and email.
Text options allow your customers to reach you without the nuisance of phone calls. Customer support can manage requests and questions right through the messaging platform, and in some cases, AI can provide answers just as seamlessly as a human customer service agent.
Web texting platforms provide a more intimate customer service experience in real-time, but that experience happens on the customer's terms. New customers get the chance to get to know the company while returning customers feel as if they have access to the company when they need it.

Provide Real-Time Communications

Marketing channels require up to date information. Mass text messages allow you to alert your customers for inventory restocks, new sales, seasonal hours, and any number of other alerts. Those inevitable business obstacles that cause customers to walk away? Text them a warning and code for a certain percentage off. Got an unbeatable deal your regular customers would be disappointed to miss? Now, they don't have to.
Response rates are higher with text messages simply because they happen in real-time. Once a customer provides permission for you to start texting, your marketing campaigns become not just current, but as in the moment as walking into the store itself.

Automate Follow-ups

SMS messages are also a great way to reach customers to encourage them to take action. A texting service is far different than email, giving you access to their inner circle. Once there, you could use text marketing to encourage them to come back to their abandoned cart, for example.
Small businesses can use business texting to solicit reviews or encourage new customers to make a new purchase with an incentive code. These messages catch customers at times when they're more likely to interact. They can send appointment reminders to build rapport with potential customers long-term.

Is a Text Message Marketing Campaign for your Business?

Nurtured leads spend more and talk more. Small business owners can build an SMS marketing campaign that builds a relationship with customers. There are a few things you must consider as you're setting up your campaign.
Advantages of Texting
• Messages happen in real-time.
• Texts are more convenient than other communication options.
• They're short, to the point, and customizable.
• They have the potential for AI customization and geotagging.
Disadvantages of Texting
• Could be considered intrusive without a solid plan
• They require a series of opt-ins and caveats.
• Texts are more difficult for record-keeping in customer service.
• Building a plan within the character constraints of texting is a full-time occupation.

Setting up the Right Text Message Campaign

Your team members can build a structured mass notification system that nurtures qualified leads and maintains relationships with recurring customers.
1. Your customers must provide consent to receive text messages and be able to opt-out.
2. You must consider your strategy. Texts have less room for error, and when you deploy a text, it must offer valuable information for your customer.
3. Do your market research. Your customer likely receives a number of marketing messages; one text a day could be intrusive. How do you balance your information with your customer's privacy?
4. Your contact list opted in for a reason. Stay on top of guidelines and regulations so that you don't risk your relationships.
A clear mission and long term plan provide customers with real value through a text messaging service. Respect your customer's space and reserve text messaging for high-value communications.

A Business SMS that Nurtures Customers

Text messaging has a better open rate, and quality SMS campaigns could help your business build better relationships with current customers. Once customers opt-in to your text messaging service, you have the chance to bring them real value.
It's a flexible and powerful tool that can help grow your customer base and nurture a relationship with existing customers. As more people jump on the idea of having texts from their favorite companies, you open the door to an inner circle.
Start building an interesting conversation that gives your customers a sense of anticipation. Hone your message and help build trust in your brand. SMS messaging helps keep your brand at the forefront of your customers' minds and give them a simple way to communicate with you.