How to Text Blast
One of the most significant trends of the 21st century is the massive spike in cell phone technology. Until the turn of the century, cell phones were a luxury item used only by a select few. However, nowadays, they have become a virtual necessity for every citizen. This massive spike in cell phone usage provides businesses with many new and exciting opportunities to reach their customer base. One such opportunity that companies, both large and small, should consider taking advantage of is sms marketing through text message blasts.

But what is a text blast in a nutshell? What are some advantages of utilizing a text blast service? What are some ways that businesses and other organizations are using text blasts? How do you do a text blast?

Here is a complete guide on text blasts.
Text Blast 101:
Before diving in further, it is first crucial to understand what a text blast is. A text blast, or sms blast, is an online texting service that allows you to send one or multiple messages to the entirety of a contact list. Text blasts use an internet service to send sms messages to a large group of people or potential customers simultaneously.

It can be helpful to think of sms text blasts as a large group text or group chat with a business or other organization‘s customer base. However, unlike a group text, the people receiving the sms blast can‘t see the other phone numbers receiving the message. This means that you can mass text many mobile devices at once while still protecting your client‘s privacy.
What are Some of the Advantages of Utilizing a Text Blast Service?
Cost Effective
One of the biggest perks of utilizing a text blast service is that they often have very affordable pricing. Using a text blast campaign is one of the best ways to reach many mobile phones at a reasonable price. Text blasts allow you to build brand awareness without spending vast money on marketing campaigns. This is a benefit for small businesses that must be smart with every dollar spent.
Saves Valuable Time in Connecting With Customers
Along with being highly cost-effective, text message blasts are also very effective at conserving another valuable resource, time. With a text blast service, businesses can mass-text a large number of people at the same time. You don‘t have to contact each phone number in your contact list individually. Instead, you design a scheduled text from any number of templates, select the phone numbers you would like to receive the text and schedule a time for the message. And that‘s it. Job done. Text blasts are one of the most efficient ways to reach many people without expending valuable resources.
Protect Customers‘ Sense of Privacy
Studies have indicated that a large portion of the population prefers texting with businesses instead of phone calls. A number of the customers surveyed even revealed that they would consider switching to a company that communicates via text message. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that a phone call feels much more intrusive than a text message. Phone calls can feel taxing, invasive, and tedious, particularly when coming from a business. Using a text message, however, gives the customer the option to respond if and when they feel like it.
What are Some Ways Businesses and Other Organizations are Utilizing Text Blast
Text Message Marketing
As aforementioned, one of the main ways text blasts are used is as a cost-effective marketing campaign. Businesses can reach many mobile devices and potential clients in a non-intrusive and time-effective fashion. Businesses can schedule texts to go out to large groups of people at different times throughout the day or week.
Opt-In/Unsubscribe Notification and Services
Another way in which text blasts are used is to offer users the ability to opt-in or unsubscribe to features and services. Businesses can mass text their contact list and allow customers to opt into more sms blasts or unsubscribe from the service entirely.
Appointment Reminders
Text blasts are very popular with organizations like doctor‘s offices, dentists, or any other business that requires appointments. They can contact customers and use text blasts to send appointment reminders in advance. This reminds customers when they are scheduled for an appointment and shows them that the business/organization cares.
Emergency Alerts and Notifications
Last but not least, one form of text blast you are likely already familiar with is the emergency alert system. Used in natural disasters or for situations like amber alerts, emergency alerts allow the government to mass text and contact entire populations of people at once. So not only can text blasts help businesses connect with customers, but they can also help to protect and save lives.
How Do You Send a Text Blast?
SlyText makes setting up and scheduling blast texts and text message campaigns a breeze. With unbeatable open rates and pricing starting as low as $5 per month, SlyText can service all your business needs at an affordable cost. SlyText offers easy customer opt-outs and an excellent call-forwarding system too.
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